Best Police Scanner App for Android/iOS

There are many different types of police scanner apps out there for both iOS and Android, I personally have used and tried at least ten of them on the Android platform. However right now I’m going to break down what I consider to be the top three scanner apps for Android as well as iOS. Some of the apps provide a great presentation however some police scanner apps have a lot more functionality are cleaner looking and have a better user interface. More channels more functions, easier layout they just work better.  The scanner apps I’m going to list have both free version as well as a paid version.

Top of my list:

Android:                                                                        iOS:

     Best Police Scanner App - Scanner Radio Pro Android     Best Police Scanner App - Scanner Radio Deluxe iOS

The first one I’m going to list is my personal favorite it’s called Scanner Radio by a gentleman named Gordon Edwards, this guy did a fantastic job putting this layout together, it’s well thought out, it’s just incredible.  I wish all apps we’re this carefully laid out and polished.  It has to be one of my favorite apps on my phone.  I ended up purchasing the Scanner Radio Pro version, however still with the free version, you will find just as much pleasure out of this app.  The free version contains ads which are unobtrusive and the paid version gets rid of those ads and give you a little more functionality; including changing the color layout, recording the audio that you hear.  You can play it back later, and overall this is one of my favorite apps.  It’s very cleanly/clearly done it uses a small amount of battery considering I leave it on all the time.  If I was to recommend a police scanner app this is the one.  It’s both available on Android as well as iOS.  On the Apple iTunes it is called Scanner Radio Deluxe. I am an Android user and have the Android version however they do have an iOS version and I believe that the iOS version is 100% free.  So if you have iOS you’re in luck.  I will update this post if I find out otherwise but it appears as though for iOS it is a free app.  On Android it will run you $2.99 and you’ll see it is not an expensive app compared to other apps on the Android market.

My Second choice:

Android:                                                                 iOS:

Best Police Scanner App - Broadcastify Pro Android     Best Police Scanner App - Broadcastify Pro iOS

My second recommendation would be the actual Official Broadcastify app.  Although it does not provide all the bells and whistles as other scanner apps it still offers a straight forward interface, isn’t bloated with flashy graphics and provides a great user experience.  With the Broadcastify app you’re again going to have a free version as well as a paid version.  The pro version happily named, Broadcastify Pro, is going to run you a modest $1.99 on both the iOS as well as on the Android.  The Android and  iOS free version will include ads and will exclude the ads on the Pro version.  As you know Broadcastify is the leader in radio to internet delivery.  And their site RadioReference is the largest database of radio frequencies from around the world.

My Third choice is broken into iOS and Android:


Best Police Scanner App - 5-0 Radio HD Police Scanner iOS

Now for my third recommendation, I’m actually going to have to make this a two-parter (One for Android and one for iOS) because I find that there is a police scanner app out there that is kind of high-ranking for iOS.  I still don’t think it’s as good as the Gordon Edwards Radio Scanner App, however it is still at least worth a mention.  It’s called 5-0 Radio Police Scanner for iOS by Smartest Apps LLC, again it has a free version as well as a paid version and the difference would be the ads showing verses not showing.  The paid version is called 5-0 Radio HD Police Scanner. This iOS version does have a flashy interface, as if you were holding a real police scanner.  If you are into that sort of thing and is pretty fun to play around with.  The paid version is going to run you about $4.99. That’s my recommendation for iOS for my third recommendation.  I used a friends iPhone and a weeks worth of research to provide this review.  The reason I reviewed this separately is there is a Police Scanner 5-0 for Android, however it is not by the same developer.


Best Police Scanner App - Police Scanner Android

Finally my third recommendation for Android.  I’m going to have to recommend the app called, Police Scanner FREE by Logicord LLC.  It has again both a free version and a paid version (paid version is just called Police Scanner) but the paid version will run you $4.99.  It does have a wicked cool Ninja Icon and it is fun to play around with.  However, now for that price I’m actually going to have to send you back through to my first recommendation which is Gordon Edwards’ Scanner Radio app, for just $2.99.  Logicord LLC has another scanner app for Android called Police Scanner 5-0 (free)…

Best Police Scanner App - Police Scanner 5-0 (FREE) Android     Best Police Scanner App - Police Scanner Live Android

…see the confusion? This same looking app by Logicord is available on the iOS iTunes store. Anyway it looks like the paid version of this app is called Police Scanner Live for $1.99. I think the newer looking app with the Ninja logo looks to be just a re-branding of the same app.  So the choice is up to you where you want to spend your money.  I’m not here to tell you what to do however these are my recommendations.


In conclusion all the scanners offer the same basic features; ability to tune into channels to listen to Fire, Police, Ambulance, Railroad, Air Traffic, HAM radio operators etc… and the ability to tap into your GPS co-ordinates to provide you with nearby scanners in relation to your location as well as the ability to switch channels. The ironic part of this whole thing is because these are apps these are not scanners, they are programs designed to tune into radio stations that are running scanners, That is what you’re listening too.  I find Scanner Radio to be the much better, cleaner looking app, for your money.

So go out and try all these scanner apps as well as any other flashy Police Scanner App and decide for yourself, however, I think in the end you’ll agree with me.  Leave in the comments below any of your recommendations or if you agree/disagree with me, and good luck with your scanning and be safe.

Disclaimer: This is my honest review after researching, using and trying out Police Scanner apps over the past five plus years.

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