Twitch Panel Customizing Template (Blue)

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Twitch Panel Template Basic is a baseline panel display.  Simple to use and easy to customize.


Twitch Panel Template Basic is a baseline panel display.  The overlay is in simple .psd format for use editing easily in Photoshop.  Customize the panels with your own name and logo, this overlay pack also includes popular social media platform logos for ease of use without having to hunt down the official social media logo.  This overlay is the correct dimensions for your Twitch channel panel section where you can display your rules, your schedule and your social media links.

Also included in this pack is both the flat panel display as well as the beveled button panel so your followers will know they are clicking on an external site.  Let your followers know when you go live and keep them updated of all your happenings by making sure they follow you on social media.

Get your Twitch Panel Template Basic today.

See a sample of these panels in realtime here. >> Br0ski47’s Twitch page.



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